PLCC 5630B Blue & IR
5630B series are ideal for various colors of lighting, signaling, and entertainment applications.Ultra high Radiometric power efficacy, combined with the flexibility in design due to its slim and miniature size, The small physical dimension can free customers from any constrains or limitations in these fields of applications. Furthermore, the reflow-solderable nature of high power PLCC provides an easy path towards the optimum thermal management to achieve a promising reliability.

Descriptions :
■ Standard package size 5.7mm x 3.0mm

■ High brightness & efficiency
■ Pure color & soft light

Feature and Benefits :
High Radiometric power Intensity and high efficiency

■ Based on Blue : InGaN technology
■ Wide viewing angle : 120°
■ Excellent performance and visibility
■ Suitable for all SMT assembly methods
■ IR reflow process compatible
■ Environmental friendly; RoHS compliance

Status Order Code Color CCT(K)
CRI LM80 Download
2T05X5BXX0003002 450-460nm 0.5 150 3.2 219.7mW - No
2T05X5EXX0003002 650-670nm 0.5 150 2.4 109.8 - No
2T05X5FXX0003002 720-740nm 0.5 150 2.3 84.5 - No
New Product  Mass Production  EOL (End-of-life)  Under Development