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PLCC Series 5630B Snow White
PLCC 5630B Snow White Series features ultra high luminous efficacy and compact package size which increase the flexibility in lamp design and expand the range of applications. PLCC 5630B Snow White Series is optimized to be used in commercial lighting.

Description :
■ Bring out white colors effect in fabric and paint

■ Easy design-in Solid State Lighting (SSL)
■ Similar to Ceramic Metal Halide (CDM) in spectrum


Features and Benefits:

■ Superior luminous efficiency
■ Suitable for all SMT assembly methods
■ IR reflow process compatible
■ Environmental friendly; RoHS compliance

Status Order Code Color CCT(K)
CRI LM80 Download
2T05X2SCE8003001 5000/6500 0.2 60 3.1 22 80 No
New Product  Mass Production  EOL (End-of-life)  Under Development