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Brand Story
The chairman of Edison Opto, Mr. Jason Wu has realized the trend and prospects of LED and committed to devote himself to the LED industry. In 2001, Edison Opto Corporation has been established and Mr. Jason Wu has embarked on a struggling journey of LED business. The brand of Edison Opto has been well-known in LED industry, and we take Thomas Edison, who is the inventor of light bulb, as our role model and devote ourselves to developing LED light source. Edison Opto doesn’t involve in other areas, and we focus on researching and developing in high power LED lighting industry. By the efforts of Mr. Jason Wu and his staff, Edison Opto has grown up step by step, and the scale of Edison Opto has made a substantial leap.
The Design Concepts of Brand Logo
Our logo uses the 9 circles to represent cold white, warm white and rainbow colors and symbolize that LED can emit colorful light. And our logo uses blue, red and black to represent technology, passion and steadiness.
Business Philosophy
With advanced equipments and talented team groups, Edison Opto is devoted to providing our customers with professional and customized services. To ensure our products can meet the demands of our clients, every product must be inspected strictly before shipping. Besides, we take enlightenment, enrichment and benefit as our business philosophy. We are devoted to innovating, creating convenient LED products and establishing a mutually beneficial situation with our partners.
Future Vision
To confidently look forward to the future, Edison Opto is expected to become a world-leading LED manufacturer and provide our customers with a complete solution throughout all the stages of product development process. Edison Opto bases on Taiwan and takes on global perspective to become an international LED manufacturer. In the mean time, the CSR concepts will be gradually introduced into our company governance. Also, Edison Opto is devoted to enriching people’s life style and promoting a better living environment for the global community.