Edison Products Category: High Efficiency

2835 HE Series

Edison|艾笛森光電股份有限公司 2835 HE Series Best luminous and color uniformity Environmental friendly; RoHS compliance Based on Blue : InGaN technology Download Contact Us

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2835 HS Series

Edison|艾笛森光電股份有限公司 2835 HS Series High luminous intensity and high efficiency More suitable for flexible printed circuit (FPC) application High Color Reproduction Index Download Contact Us

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2835 6V UE

Edison|艾笛森光電股份有限公司 2835 6V UE Superior luminous efficiency 167lm/W @4000K Deliver 154lm @150mA, 4000K Environmental friendly; RoHS compliance Download Contact Us

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2835 UE

Edison|艾笛森光電股份有限公司 2835 UE Ultra high luminous efficiency 220lm/W@4000K Deliver 38lm @65mA, 4000K Pass LM-80 verification Download Contact Us

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