Edison Products Category: 3737(IC)

EDILUV _3737(IC) 1W-365nm

Edison|艾笛森光電股份有限公司 EDILUV _3737(IC) 1W-365nm Compact Package Size: 3.7× 3.7 × 1.52 mm Ultraviolet LED View Angle 120° Curing, Printing, Coating, Adhesive and Dental Curing Download Contact Us

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EDILUV _3737(IC) 1W-275nm

Edison|艾笛森光電股份有限公司 EDILUV _3737(IC) 1W-275nm Compact Package Size: 3.7 × 3.7 × 1.52 mm Deep Ultraviolet LED View Angle 120° Disinfection, Chemical and Biological analysis Download Contact Us

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